Stop For A Minute
Do you care about animals?

Sometimes I feel so sad. It is mostly when I check out the page of HayvanSeverler on Facebook. I remember there are lots of more important  problems in the world, other than ours. Animals on this page are homeless and lonely. Some of them are beaten, some of them is just born and have nothing to eat and they dont have a place to sleep. It is lonely and cold outside. There is no protection provided for them. They are in danger, always. They are living with the fear. Think about it. You cannot speak, you are small, you don’t have strong legs and arms to protect yourself, you’re all alone.. People don’t see you as a living thing. They don’t care about your existence. They don’t think you’re something important. They behave you as a furniture. They can beat you and you have nothing to do to prevent it. You are weak. You have to find your own food and water to drink by yourself. It is really hard to survive. That is how they live.

To turn back to the topic, on this page people who loves animals are trying to help these vulnerable animals. They are mostly cats and dogs. People upload these dogs and cats’ pictures and stories to this page in order to find them parent. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find home for all of them. But it’s still good  that some of them are taken. It is also good to see some people around who cares about animals.

When I see their pics, my heart falls into pieces. There is rarely nothing I feel sorry about as I feel for this situation. They look so pure and innocent. They don’t understand anything that happened to them. They don’t know the world. If I had only one wish that will going to happen, it would be protect all of the animals in the world (especially dogs). I wish we people could provide home and food for all of them. If everyone cared… If I get rich someday the first thing I’ll make will build a shelter for them; a big big shelter. That’s gonna be the happiest day of my life. 

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